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How to Design a Postcard for Your Business

Communicating with existing and potential customers is more important than ever right now. They don't want to see lengthy drawn out statements and are tired of receiving random emails from companies, but they do want to know about your business.…

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What is Large Format Digital Printing

There is no denying that the Internet has taken over. All businesses need to focus a substantial amount of their marketing efforts on the online world. But, does large format digital printing still hold the power to attract attention today?…

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How to Make Awesome Trade Show Banners

Trade shows are a great place for many business across industries to make themselves known. They can help you promote your brand to thousands of different people while networking with other like-minded business professional. You can generate leads, make sales,…

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Why Fonts Matter in Marketing

In the world of marketing, it’s all about the presentation. A huge part of any piece of marketing are the words that it includes and the message it sends. How you say something is as important as what you say.…

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How to Avoid Common Banner Marketing Faux Pas

On average, business owners spend around 8 percent of their annual gross revenue on marketing expenses. Instead of putting money into marketing campaigns that never seem to work out, a business owner needs to optimize their strategies for best results.…

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Boost Brand Visibility with Wide-Format Printing

Here are three things that printed marketing collateral does: Physical, printed items are more 'real' to the brain; they engage better with memory. Physical, printed material needs more emotional processing, which is essential for the retention of brand associations. Physical,…

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Direct Mail Statistics That Prove It Works

We’ve all seen the stats, consumers are glued to their screens. Whether it’s laptops (it’s increasingly not), cell phones, or tablets, people can’t get enough of their digital devices. Following that trend, businesses have been investing more and more money…

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