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When working with Action on direct mail I have 100% confidence that my jobs are in the hands of industry experts. Their attention to detail, knowledge base, willingness to listen to client issues and questions, and experience with the complicated nuances of mass and variable data makes them the best choice for our university’s mail appeals. I trust them through and through.

Action’s customer service and team-based approach to working with clients is what sets them apart. Every direct mail piece they’ve produced for my annual giving department has yielded professional results­—but never at the expense of losing the personal touch that makes our working relationship so excellent.

Coy E.

I highly recommend and trust Action Mailing for our direct mail projects. In the past, we would print most of our direct mail pieces in-house but I’ve learned that I can rely on Action Mailing for quality printing and great customer service. It’s been a pleasure working with them.

Christy P.

I have used Action Mailing services on numerous direct mail projects since I started my career in advancement services in 1985. Action Mailing is an outstanding vendor that has been a true partner in our fundraising success stories. The staff provides outstanding customer support from start to finish on every job. Their design staff is amazing and creative, and their data processing team is talented and helpful. From the most simple project of a postcard or letter to more complex mailings, Action Mailing is a trusted vendor for our direct mail and marketing needs.

Jada W.

Working for a nonprofit that still depends heavily on in-home mail to reach donors, my most important working relationships are with my printer and mailer. Action Mailing is the best of both those vendors. I’ve found them to be the best in three categories: People, Production, and Pricing.

People: They have gotten to know me. Beginning with my rep — who is all world — to pre-press, to press operators to receptionist to data to the owner (and I’m leaving out at least five other areas), they call me by name and they actively think about the people of my organization and the people we serve when they do a job for us. To me, this says a lot about a print house or mail house: in the rare instance that something doesn’t go exactly right, no one gets thrown under the bus. They don’t blame each other and they don’t blame me, even when it’s clearly been my fault. They just immediately seek to make it right.

Production: See above…they get it right. They consistently upgrade equipment, ensuring I have cost-efficient solutions and pieces I can be proud to use.

Pricing: I print and mail jobs ranging from 200,000 to 250 and at every price point Action has almost always been most cost effective. And when combining quality with price, Action has, without fail, been the best option for me.

Action is the best there is.

Chris M.

To put it simply, Action Mailing is a partner to us, not a vendor. Our working relationship has always been a two-way street – when we have questions, there is always a quick and honest answer, but even more importantly, when we don’t have questions, there are still suggestions coming from Action on how to be more effective and efficient in our direct mailing efforts.

Matt B

The people at Action Mailing have been wonderful to work with. I appreciate their thoughtfulness in developing work schedules for all of our projects, as well as their flexibility when the editorial process defies the schedule a bit. I believe that this great working relationship, along with the consistency and quality of their work, have made Action Mailing integral to the ongoing success of the Kansas City Symphony’s direct mail fundraising efforts.

Dan M.

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