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Are you searching for a world-class direct data services group that will help you save money on your mailing and printing requirements and provide all the tools necessary for even the most complex data needs? If so, Action Mailing & Printing Solutions offers the latest technology, combined with decades of experience in the direct mail and printing industry to fulfill your business marketing, direct mail data processing, or other mailing and printing needs.

Action Mailing & Printing Solutions is the premier location in Kansas City to handle all of your printing and mailing needs. Our data services are designed to make your life easier and reduce the stress of getting things done. We understand that the methods used to market to prospects and customers changes rapidly, but also understand that printed communications are going to continue to be a huge part of any effective strategy. Our team is constantly investing in new talent, equipment, and technology to help our clients take full advantage of all marketing channels available.


From streamlining your mailing lists to analyzing responses, Action Mailing & Printing Solutions takes the burden of data processing off of your shoulders. These tasks eat up an enormous amount of time and energy. Moreover, some require legwork that take your employees away from their main job responsibilities.

So, let our team take over the data-related work in your mail marketing campaigns. We’ll update and consolidate your mailing list, format your messages, look for prospective customers, and more. Some of the data services we offer to our customers include:

  • CASS, NCOA & Presort

Do you want to increase the number of pieces that successfully reach customers and avoid pesky return pieces while saving on postage costs? If so, you have to regularly check your addresses with the National Change of Address (NCOA) and the Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS). The NCOA is a platform that shows change-of-address information to mailers to reduce undeliverable and duplicate mail. The CASS, meanwhile, streamlines the accuracy of carrier routes.

To further save on postage costs, you have to perform presorting, which groups mail pieces into different ZIP codes. By taking this extra step, you save money on postage costs.

This can be time consuming; however, with Action Mailing we take care of it for you, helping more of your marketing material get into the hands of your customers at a greatly reduced rate.

  • Merge/Purge

Let us help you eliminate duplicate addresses in your system. We can clean all duplicate records out of your mailing list quickly and easily, letting you reduce overhead and eliminate waste while improving your image with customers.

  • Variable Data Letter Setup

Do you want to ensure your mailings not only reach your customers but also stand out and catch their eye? If so, we offer you our assistance in formatting and personalizing your pre-written content with our variable data letter writing software and digital imaging. We can help you create an effective message that will get results.

  • Mailing Lists

The challenge of finding potential customers who are actually interested in what you have to offer can be daunting. However, with the help of the staff from Action Mailing, you will quickly discover how easy it can be. We will help you obtain lists that target customers who are interested in what you are sending. This means you will have a much better chance of a successful conversion.

  • Response Analysis

Do you know what mailing lists are most effective at producing customers? If not, you are missing out on quite possibly your most valuable information. After all, none of us want to continue spending time and money on non-responders or those who may be responding from other methods of communication. Why send emails to a customer who has never responded to an email campaign, but has returned nearly every reply card ever received? Through custom reporting, we can help you determine what elicits a response by individual and what simply doesn’t work!


Action Mailing is Here to Help

Action Mailing & Printing Solutions is a family-owned and operated business that has been in the Kansas City area for over 25 years. We are dedicated to helping your business be as successful as possible with your marketing efforts, that’s why we’re offering to take on the data processing tasks. We’ll ensure that they’re consistent and accurate. By entrusting these time-consuming tasks to our team, your company:

  • Cuts packaging and mailing costs
  • Reduces duplicate mail and, by extension, problems in operations
  • Limits mailing lists to people who are interested in your brand
  • Formulates more effective and targeted messages
  • Leaves a great impression on your customers
  • Elicits more dynamic responses from your target audience

In addition to the data services listed above, we also offer Full-Service Intelligent Mail Barcoding, which allows you to track your mail electronically, Omni-Channel Marketing, Onsite Postal Verification and Custom Programming.

Don’t settle for second best when it comes to your marketing materials. Let our data services ensure you have the best possible chance of a positive result. Get in touch with our team today.

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