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Leave the packing and the shipping to people who do it best. Whatever industry you’re in, Action Mailing & Printing Solutions is your partner in direct mail marketing. Our print fulfillment services see to it that your print materials are packed and distributed within the plotted timeframe. We see to it that your marketing materials go where they are supposed to go and arrive in good condition.

Print Fulfillment Services: The Last Leg of Direct Mail Marketing

Once you’ve assembled the mail pieces, they have to be checked, packed, and stored in special facilities until they’re distributed via reliable couriers. You can set up a fulfillment house within your company, but many businesses choose to outsource the work to us.

We’ll help you meet your marketing goals, as well. Call us today, and let’s talk about your fulfillment needs.

Working with Action Mailing & Printing Solutions

By leaving the printing and fulfillment services to us, you get to:

  • Focus on Your Company – Let us take care of the tedious work so you can focus on more important business matters. You won’t be bogged down by picking, packing, and shipping. You’ll have the peace of mind that your fulfillment is in good hands.
  • Cut Fulfillment Costs – You don’t have to invest a significant amount on storage space, workforce, moving equipment, warehouse supplies, and more. With us in the equation, your company can allocate those resources into more productive areas of the business.
  • Expect a Quick Turnaround – Action Mailing & Printing Solutions takes pride in our streamlined operations, dependable machinery, and skilled team. Expect all tasks to be accomplished on the dot.
  • Use More Efficient Storage – Our team has special facilities dedicated to storing print materials. Warehouse racks keep them in good condition until they are ready to be shipped.
  • Encounter Fewer Backorders – With streamlined operations in place, there are fewer chances for delayed shipments, wrong orders, and other problems.
  • Meet Fluctuating Demands – Your fulfillment needs — like the volume of the print materials — change per campaign. Outsourcing the work gives you the confidence that you can meet the demand every time.

Efficient Pick and Pack Services

The main set-up at our facilities is the pick and pack fulfillment, where individual parts of a single order are gathered from master cartons (picked) then placed into boxes or envelopes (packed). This may seem simple, but the pick and pack method involves a high degree of coordination in a fast-paced environment to meet tight deadlines.

Our pick and pack fulfillment services are ideal for orders that contain varied components. So, if your direct mail marketing campaign calls for varied mail pieces for different audience segments, a pick and pack method is the most cost-effective way to assemble the mail.

Action Mailing & Printing Solutions’ pick and pack fulfillment:

  • Meets your custom print fulfillment needs
  • Carries a wide range of packaging options
  • Secures affordable rates for your mail marketing campaign
  • Partners with the country’s most reliable carriers
  • Sends regular reports on inventory, orders, shipped items, and more

If your company needs custom direct mail fulfillment services, look no further than the Action Mailing & Printing Solutions Team. Contact us today.

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